Business Legal Services

Your Business. Better.

Most business owners do not realize just how inexpensive it actually is to get accurate answers to their legal questions from an experienced business law attorney. Often, I can answer a question quickly for you and save you many hours of stress and wasted time trying to do it yourself.

Clients call weekly, or 2-3 times a month, with questions about their businesses – can I do this, can I do that, this happened, what should I do, should I be worried about this? and so on. Those questions run full gamut of small business problems. A quick answer to your questions allows you to move on with your business with the comfort of knowing you have accurate and dependable answers.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s going to cost too much – call and find out for yourself. Find out what we are about and what we can do for you. I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised by what we have to say.


Even after you have set up your business entity and opened your doors, your legal needs do not end there. As a small business owner, you will regularly encounter issues — mostly small ones at first — in the following areas:

  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Ownership/Management/Shareholder Disputes
  • Litigation
  • Franchising
  • Leases
  • Personal Guaranties on Business Debts
  • Regulatory Compliance, Including Local Ordinances

Getting sound legal help eases the day-to-day worries that beset even the most successful small businesses. We understand the challenges you face running a small business. We promise to help you solve them.