Don’t Leave Your Family to Pick Up the Pieces

Create a will or trust with a Gadsden, AL estate planning attorney

Did you know that without a will, the state has the right to determine who gets your belongings when you pass away? Make sure your family is taken care of by drafting a detailed estate plan now. The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce will make sure that your wishes are carried out according to your specifications and handle all of the necessary paperwork to make your desires legally binding.

Attorney Pierce can create a will or trust that will leave your legacy to your loved ones and take care of all costs associated with your passing. Discuss your assets and wishes for the future with attorney Pierce to get started. He’ll point you toward the best estate planning tools for your needs!

What to bring to your first estate planning appointment

First time drafting a will or trust? No problem—Gadsden, Alabama’s The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce will guide you through the process. When you consult with attorney Pierce, you will need to bring:

  • The names, addresses and birthdates of the people you want to name in your will
  • The contact information for those you wish to act as guardians to your children
  • Documents containing information on the amount and source of your principle income
  • A list of any valuables and property that you own
  • A list of any debts you owe, to whom and how much

Attorney Pierce will go over these documents and discuss your wishes for distributing your assets. Schedule an appointment with The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce by calling 256-399-9470.